Oct 19

On this Week’s Episode of #RY Podcast Salvatore interviews Kerbens Boisette founder of the Aftermath Exhibition. This project aims to aid young black youth with dealing with learning and understanding their deep rooted Canadian History and allow them to reconnect with themselves through various art forms. 


Please check out follow their page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Theaftermathexhibition/?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBFimZ2_qDEiezCbY5YZFnfWcikio 


And be sure to check out our numerous grant opportunities for #RisingYouth at https://www.risingyouth.ca

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Sep 30

This week’s episode is a conversation with Kismet Meyon, Dr. Maggie Inchley, and Dr. Sylvan Baker from The Verbatim Formula. The Verbatim Formula is “a participatory research project for care-experienced young people. It uses verbatim theatre techniques, listening and dialogue to work with young people, care leavers, social workers, and universities” which “aim[s] to work with young people to make care and education better” (http://www.theverbatimformula.org.uk/).

During our conversation Kismet, Maggie, and Sylvan discuss the process that The verbatim Formula uses, the impacts on them and others as creators, how it is received by those who see their performances (including service providers), and the results of their research.

Visit their website to hear clips and learn more about the innovative and necessary work they create.

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Sep 09

On this week’s episode of Arts Salvatore speaks with Kassandra Helibron of Mentoring the Stars a Youth-Led Tutoring and Mentorship program. This program is focused on developing an individual approach to helping improve the learning and daily lives of the children they work with. This organization is entirely digital where staff work remotely to provide support to Children going through virtual education in British Columbia 





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Aug 26
In this conversation Brett Cox and Wolfgang talk about a workshop series and mural making process on the theme of decolonization. We speak about how colonization impacts relationships, “allyship” with Indigenous communities, youth led programming, and some of the challenges with social enterprise projects. 
This workshop series and mural was a collaboration with Press Start (https://arcadepressstartpsc.wordpress.com/home/), Montreal Indigenous Community Network (http://reseaumtlnetwork.com/), Canadian Roots Exchange (https://canadianroots.ca/), and Concordia University’s Office of Community Engagement, and was partially funded by #RisingYouth. 

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Aug 12

In this week's episode of ARTS, Salvatore speaks with his long-time friend Lara Subeh a frontline staff worker for a Shelter in the GTA. This Shelter Workers series is a several part conversation of a 3-hour chat between Salvatore and Lara as they discuss several aspects of the Shelter system from education to way to improve the system for services users. We will be uploading parts of the conversation throughout the rest of the year so please enjoy. 


Glad to have Salvatore be producing his regular subject matter again!

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Jul 29

This episode begins with a monologue about being young, queer, and navigating drinking & drug culture in the lesbian community. Claire the writer/performer (not her real name) and I then have a conversation about some of the themes raised in the piece. Specifically, the attraction of alcohol to young queer folx, the challenges of not drinking, and how to support young people navigating that space.

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Jul 08
In this week's episode of the #RisingYouth Salvatore talks with Topaza Yu about her project Uke of Tope. This project helps provide children with safe-space to cultivate their musical talents with the Ukelele. These Children end up growing exponentially as they become more comfortable with their surroundings allowing them to make mistakes and grow at their own pace. We also talk about Student Wellness initiative towards community health (S.W.I.T.C.H.) where we take a deep dive into cultural humility. 
For more information regarding our programs please visit https://www.risingyouth.ca/

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Jun 24
In this episode, Shezell-Rae Sam and Chantal Adams discuss their research with Sister Rising “an Indigenous community-based project for Indigenous girls, youth of all genders, and communities speaking back against gendered and sexualized violence.” Sisters Rising is an ongoing multi-generational project which draws upon arts-based and land-based ways of addressing violence. To learn more about Sisters Rising please visit: https://onlineacademiccommunity.uvic.ca/sistersrising/

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Jun 03

In this week’s episode of RisingYouth Podcast Jade Roberts is back and is speaking to a wonderful youth based out of Winnipeg. Meet Danika Duncan and they project Elder Tea Celebration. This program ran by both Danika and her sibling focuses on improving the relationship between the youth of indigenous background and elders in their respective communities. This week’s focus is on intergenerational change through connection for more information regarding grants and other programs please visit: www.risingyouth.ca

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May 27

In this episode Wolfgang speaks with Jenny Ge who co-developed the Innovate & Inspire Youth Leadership Workshop in partnership with the Working Women Community Centre located in Toronto Canada. Jenny talks about elements of leadership, perseverance, failure, support, the debate over whether leaders are “born” or if leadership can be taught, and how asking for help from Rising Youth was instrumental in the project’s success.


To learn more about Working Women Community Centre please visit https://www.workingwomencc.org/


To find out more information about how you can apply to Rising Youth go to https://www.risingyouth.ca/

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May 13

On this week’s episode of ARTS Salvatore speaks with Shelby Maunder about their project Junior Roller Derby a junior team for female-identified folk in Whitehorse Yukon. Tune in this week as they discuss how its more than just a roller derby team shes creating but a group of up and coming strong female-identified individuals and how they are paving the way to make safe spaces for themselves.

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Apr 29
This episode of CYC Podcast/#RisingYouth, Wolfgang talks with Mo Phùng from Oceans Week HFX about why the oceans matter, climate justice, activism, and confronting racism, misogyny, and homophobia in environmental movements.
To learn more about Oceans Week HFX please visit:
For more grant information visit https://www.risingyouth.ca/ and feel free to follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/risingyouthtig/?hl=en

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Apr 08

On this week’s episode of the #RisingYouth Podcast Salvatore talks with Fatimah Mulla and Fadime Salman about their project Anxiety Support Group. Based in Toronto for girls and women from the Muslim/immigrant communities its purpose is to help girls and women gain support and learn skills to help manage anxiety that causes them difficulty at work/school, in their relationships, or in other social situations. Focusing on creating a safe space for women to connect, and discuss and learn about their anxiety.

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Apr 01

On Episode 11 of the #RisingYouth Podcast Jade Roberts Talks with Alexandra Jarret about their project The Art and Hip-Hop Show! This is a roaming local show that Alexandra and facilities to help connect students to art and art resources through means of donations and grants provided by the community. They’ve been doing this for several years and we hop to see many more projects!

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Mar 25
Alejandra Cabrera talks about the 2SLGBTQIA and people of colour skateboarding collective Femmes Across the Board. In the conversation we talk about access to space, misogyny, and some thoughts on why skateboarding has the reputation it does. You can follow FAB on Instagram at @femmesacrosstheboard

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