May 27

In this episode Wolfgang speaks with Jenny Ge who co-developed the Innovate & Inspire Youth Leadership Workshop in partnership with the Working Women Community Centre located in Toronto Canada. Jenny talks about elements of leadership, perseverance, failure, support, the debate over whether leaders are “born” or if leadership can be taught, and how asking for help from Rising Youth was instrumental in the project’s success.


To learn more about Working Women Community Centre please visit


To find out more information about how you can apply to Rising Youth go to

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May 13

On this week’s episode of ARTS Salvatore speaks with Shelby Maunder about their project Junior Roller Derby a junior team for female-identified folk in Whitehorse Yukon. Tune in this week as they discuss how its more than just a roller derby team shes creating but a group of up and coming strong female-identified individuals and how they are paving the way to make safe spaces for themselves.

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Apr 29
This episode of CYC Podcast/#RisingYouth, Wolfgang talks with Mo Phùng from Oceans Week HFX about why the oceans matter, climate justice, activism, and confronting racism, misogyny, and homophobia in environmental movements.
To learn more about Oceans Week HFX please visit:
For more grant information visit and feel free to follow us on Instagram at

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Apr 08

On this week’s episode of the #RisingYouth Podcast Salvatore talks with Fatimah Mulla and Fadime Salman about their project Anxiety Support Group. Based in Toronto for girls and women from the Muslim/immigrant communities its purpose is to help girls and women gain support and learn skills to help manage anxiety that causes them difficulty at work/school, in their relationships, or in other social situations. Focusing on creating a safe space for women to connect, and discuss and learn about their anxiety.

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Apr 01

On Episode 11 of the #RisingYouth Podcast Jade Roberts Talks with Alexandra Jarret about their project The Art and Hip-Hop Show! This is a roaming local show that Alexandra and facilities to help connect students to art and art resources through means of donations and grants provided by the community. They’ve been doing this for several years and we hop to see many more projects!

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Mar 25
Alejandra Cabrera talks about the 2SLGBTQIA and people of colour skateboarding collective Femmes Across the Board. In the conversation we talk about access to space, misogyny, and some thoughts on why skateboarding has the reputation it does. You can follow FAB on Instagram at @femmesacrosstheboard

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Mar 11

On this episode of Your Right to Speak Salvatore talks with Melissa Tobin about her project called Sunshine Swimming Camp. Melissa’s project focuses on running a swimming camp for athletes living with intellectual disabilities.  Melissa talks candidly about creating a safe space for athletes with intellectual disabilities and what gaps she hopes her project could address. Salvatore and Melissa also talk about accessibility and how it is important to see each athlete as an individual.

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Feb 26

On this week’s episode of #RisingYouth Podcast Jade interviews 2 bright Individuals helping increase awareness of indigenous teachings in the home community and the struggles of setting up a grassroots project in a remote community.

Fox and Alexandra Nordstrom organized and facilitated a four-day summer program for Indigenous youth on Poundmaker and Little Pine First Nations that focused
on the intersection between arts, science, and conservation from an Indigenous perspective. Engaging students in a collaborative learning model that uses the Cree tradition of using land as pedagogy for scientific learning, Janay and Alexandra created a space for Indigenous youth to explore their Cree culture and Indigenous ways of learning.

To listen to Part 2 click here 

For more information about #RisingYouth Grants please visit

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Feb 19

This episode is a conversation with theatre artist, mask maker, and arts-facilitator Carmen Lee about their project Settle Elsewhere. Carmen is one half of the artistic team running Theatre du Poulet, a theatre company and non-profit organization based in Halifax, with a specialization in puppetry, mask performance and physical theatre. In the conversation, Carmen and Wolfgang speak about immigrating to Canada, creating provocative art, the role of artists in social justice, and ways to navigate the challenges of funding theatre projects. To learn more about Theatre du Poulet visit

French Transcript Here


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Jan 29

This episode, a collaboration between CYC Podcast and #Rising Youth, a program of Taking It Global, is a conversation with Justine Yu. Justine talks about the magazine and community building project called Living Hyphen. Living Hyphen began as a journal that explores the experiences of hyphenated Canadians – that is, individuals who call Canada home but who have roots in faraway places.

To learn more about the Living Hyphen please see or visit their blog at And to find out how to signup for your own grant go to 

For our french listeners please check out this link!

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Jan 22

In this episode recorded in Montreal, Amira and Eva sit down with three #RisingYouth alumni to discuss ways to transform your passion into action. Nadia discusses her art project in a high school bathroom, Steeve talks about his Community Brunch, and Harry elaborates on his Youth Magazine. The intention with this series, produced in partnership with CYC Podcast and TakingITGlobal, is to give the floor to young leaders.

English Transcript here

Dans cet épisode enregistré à Montréal, Amira et Eva s'entretiennent avec trois anciens participants du programme #JeunesEnAction et discute de façons de transformer votre passion en action. Nadia nous parle du projet artistique qu'elle va réaliser dans les toilettes d'une école secondaire, Harry nous partage les détails de la conception de son magazine jeunesse tandis que Steeve nous donne l'eau à la bouffe avec son projet de brunches communautaires. L’intention derrière cette série, produite en partenariat avec CYC Podcast et TakingItGlobal, est de laisser la parole aux jeunes porteurs de changements positifs au sein de leur communauté.

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Jan 08

On this episode of Your Right to Speak Salvatore and Christopher continue the conversation they started from the previous episode. This episode main focus was on advocacy. Both Salvatore and Christopher share what they have learned in the field and some challenges to advocacy. Let's Raise Awareness Together! 

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Dec 11

On this episode of Your Right to Speak Salvatore talks with Christopher Cottle. Christopher talks very candidly about his lived experience in the care system. The conversation starts off with Christopher stating some of the challenges within the care system and then turns to the importance of young people having a mentor in and out of care. Christopher and Salvatore then start to discuss their experience in working with young people. This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. Let's Raise Awareness Together! 

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Nov 13

On this episode of your right to speak Salvatore talks with Deirdre Carroll on the topic of mindfulness practice. Deirdre has 12 years of experience in the social work field and youth and women and is a registered Psychotherapist who has extensively travelled to India to learn yoga instruction and other alternative health practices. Deirdre and Salvatore start the conversation speaking to how the word mindfulness has become a buzzword. The conversation then turns to what is mindfulness practice and offers advice to people entering the field of social work who are facilitating mindfulness. Let’s Raise Awareness Together!

If you would like you and contact Deirdre through Facebook at

Or Instagram at deeserendipity44

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Oct 30

Melanie Doucet and Harrison Pratt discuss the Photovoice research project titled Relationships Matter for Youth “Aging Out” of Care ( Melanie and Harrison are both researchers with direct experience living in the child welfare system. In this episode, part 1 of a two-part conversation, we talk about the genesis and intention behind the project, aspects of the 12 findings from the research, and their thought on the meaning of care.

To learn more about the project please visit:

Relationships Matter Project video:

·         Relationships Matter Photo E-Book:

·         Relationships Matter Executive Summary + Research report (child welfare policy & practice oriented), published via the BC Representative for Children and Youth:

 ·         Megaphone Magazine cover story and article, January 2019, What do YOUth think? Research project that aims to improve B.C.'s foster care system goes straight to the source.

·         Tyee article, December 13, 2018, Want to fix foster care? Ask kids who have been through the system

·         Tyee article, December 15, 2017, Creating Connections Through Photograph

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